13th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition


August 7 - September 5, 2010


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The First Swim, by Melissa Bartlett


The First Swim


Melissa Bartlett


24 x 30 in., acrylic on canvas



The Joy of Returning #2, by Anri Tsutsumi


The Joy of Returning #2


Anri Tsutsumi


22 x 22 in., acrylic, pencil, and oil pastel
on paper



The Promenade, by Ione Citrin


The Promenade


Ione Citrin


22 x 30 in., acrylic on canvas



The Thinker, by Kevin Grass


The Thinker


Kevin Grass


30 x 22 in., acrylic on panel



Three Quarks for Muster Mark, by Ed Smiley


Three Quarks for Muster Mark


Ed Smiley


12 x 36 in. triptych, acrylic on canvas



Thresholds I, by Bonese Collins Turner


Thresholds I


Bonese Collins Turner


30 x 33 in., acrylic



Toys in the Attic, by Carol Ann


Toys in the Attic


Carol Ann


22 x 22 in., mixed media
on watercolor paper
on cradled wood pane



Traffic Control, by Earl Weydahl


Traffic Control


Earl Weydahl


32 x 34 in., acrylic on paper



Vera #2, by Livia Ayal


Vera #2


Livia Ayal


24 x 18 in., acrylic on canvas



Want, Need, Feel, by Carol Jacobsen


Want, Need, Feel


Carol Jacobsen


24 x 20 in., acrylic on canvas,
with collage



Wet, by Judith B. Dazzio




Judith B. Dazzio


40 x 40 in., acrylic



Winter’s Last Hurrah! by Alice Helwig


Winter’s Last Hurrah!


Alice Helwig


24 x 30 in., acrylic on canvas












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