13th Annual ISAP International Open Exhibition


August 7 - September 5, 2010


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Color Steps #4, by Marilyn Dizikes


Color Steps #4


Marilyn Dizikes


40 x 30 in., acrylic



Composition in Red and Yellow, by Denise Athanas


Composition in Red and Yellow


Denise Athanas


36 x 36 in., acrylic on canvas



Desert Motif, by Barbara Kleinman


Desert Motif


Barbara Kleinman


20 x 15 in., acrylic and pencil



Elephant Girl, by Kaitlin Ziesmer


Elephant Girl


Kaitlin Ziesmer


66 x 30 in., acrylic on canvas



Emergence: Entrapments of Beauty, by Cathy Hegman


Entrapments of Beauty


Cathy Hegman


20 x 20 in., acrylic on canvas



Feeding, by Dashuai Sun




Dashuai Sun


31 x 39 in., acrylic on canvas



Finding Magical Objects, by Stephanie Suganuma


Finding Magical Objects


Stephanie Suganuma


36 x 12 in., acrylic and mixed media,
with found objects



Forest Blues, by Drew Fagan


Forest Blues


Drew Fagan


24 x 36 in., acrylic on Belgian linen



Frida, by Thomas Breeden




Thomas Breeden


12 x 16 in., acrylic on canvas



God’s View of the Garden, by Sharon A. Conner


God’s View of the Garden


Sharon A. Conner


24 x 36 in., acrylic



Good Dog, by Barbara Louise Pence


Good Dog


Barbara Louise Pence


30 x 24 in., acrylic



Grouse Lake Pine, by John Solem


Grouse Lake Pine


John Solem


15 x 20 in., acrylic












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